The Peak unveils the ten Next Gen Women in the 2021 The Peak Power List

27 Aug 2021

Fearless about pushing the limits of gender equality and equity, ten female movers and shakers in their respective fields have been recognised in this year’s The Peak Power List. 

The 10 honourees for The Peak Power List 2021 are: 

(in no order of merit):

  1. Juliana Chan, founder and CEO, Wildtype Media 

A tenure-track scientist with multiple patents to her name, Juliana Chan sacrificed the cushy path to focus on her passion - science communication. She took a gamble and started Wildtype Media. While she's faced many obstacles along the way, she has pushed the boundaries of what is possible and has encouraged many young women to consider a career in STEM.

  1. Lynn Dang, HR Lead, Microsoft Singapore

A former refugee, Lynn Dang has climbed the ranks of the corporate ladder and is now responsible for diversity, culture and inclusion in Microsoft Singapore. She's also a senior level executive in the company. Beyond work, she has used her own experiences as a former refugee to help other refugees around the world achieve their potential.

  1. Kelly Keak, managing director, mtm labo

The second-generation business owner of a skincare company, Kelly Keak is revamping mtm labo for a new generation. She has used her influence and wealth for numerous charitable and social initiatives and constantly encourages everyone to do their part for the community. She strongly believes in servant leadership.

  1. Charu Mahajan, partner and sector leader, IBM

Charu Mahajan is a partner and sector leader at IBM helping Fortune 500 companies to transform their businesses for the future. Charu is also a massive advocate of women in tech and speaks at multiple events to encourage more women to enter the industry.

  1. Oh Chu Xian, founder, Magorium

The scion of a construction company, Oh Chu Xian is passionate about the environment. She's used her experience in her family's business to work on a start-up that converts plastic waste into a road material called NEWBitumen.

  1. Sandhya Sriram, CEO and co-founder, Shiok Meats

The CEO and co-founder of cell-based seafood and meats company Shiok Meats, Sandhya has quickly learnt the ropes of business and led Shiok Meats to a US$50 million valuation in three years since its founding in 2018. She's also poised to be one of the key players in society's push towards a plant-based and cultured meat environment, especially with Singapore's 30 by 30 push.

  1. Virginia Tan, founding partner, Teja Ventures

Founding partner of the world's first gender lens venture capital fund, Virginia Tan was selected as one of the 8 Next Gen leaders for gender equality by the Rockefeller Foundation and is renowned for her work in advancing women's interests in tech with She Loves Tech and Lean In China.

  1. Tang Tee Khoon, founder and artistic director, Chamber Music and Arts Singapore

Hugely passionate about music, Tang Tee Khoon is one of Singapore's leading violinists. She's used her knowledge and influence in the community to further the music scene with the creation of Chamber Music and Arts Singapore.

  1. Tay Eu-Yen, Of-Counsel, Providence Law Asia

Tay Eu-Yen has done many things. She started The Butter Factory, ran multiple F&B businesses and did all this while juggling her legal work. Now, Eu-Yen champions the interests of the F&B industry with her various hats.

  1. Val Yap, founder, PolicyPal

Val Yap saw a problem in the insurance industry and is solving it now with PolicyPal. Along the way, she wrote a book about her experiences as a female tech entrepreneur and found time to participate in six Spartan races in 12 months.

Mr Farhan Shah, Editor-In-Chief, The Peak said: "We still have a long way to go before we achieve true gender parity, but the next-gen women in this year's The Peak Power List have not only forged a path in their respective fields, but made these paths easy enough for other women (and men) to follow in their footsteps. We salute them and their hard work."

Read the stories of these amazing women at: 

This year is the eighth edition of The Peak Power List, which honours 10 next-gen women making a difference in their respective fields. A panel of four judges - Ong Yeng Fang, head of private banking at UOB, Sharon Sim, co-founder and general partner of Purpose Venture Capital, Michelle Lau, CEO of IPG Howden Singapore and Sabrina Ho, CEO of Half The Sky - together with The Peak's editor-in-chief put together a shortlist of about 50 women that was whittled down to the final 10. The criteria for the final selection was:

  • Trailblazer: forged a path in her industry and changed the landscape as well as the society for the better.
  • Young and fearless: not letting failure and adversity stop her from deterring or defining her.
  • Defying norms: success comes in many forms and she embodies the idea that there isn't just one route to the peak

Past years’ themes include Innovators & Disruptors (2017), Green Entrepreneurs (2018) and Corporate Sustainability (2020).

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Sponsors will be able to provide gifts for the honorees and/or the attendees as well as be a part of the engaging dinner programme for the guests.

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