Torque On The Move turns 10

The lights turn green for the 10th edition of Singapore’s premier automotive telematch!

Aug 26, 2019

​The excitement in​ the air was palpable as the​ 48 teams of 2 waited to be flagged off by SPH Magazines’ Group Editor Raymond Goh and begin their​ unique motoring adventure​.

And with a wave of the chequered flag, the tenth edition of Torque On The Move​ was off to a roaring start.

Torque​ is Singapore’s premiere motoring bi-monthly published by SPH Magazine​s.

This year’s event, held on Aug 24, is anchored on the theme “The Volkswagen Edition”. Over 30 of the 48 participating cars were Volkswagens, with two participants in each car.

The teams had to rely on their street-smarts and road-savviness to travel from one exciting challenge to another until they reached Singapore’s largest automotive hub, Carros Centre, which was the start and end point of this year’s event.

The event’s five Torque Junctions and 15 Bonus Challenges kept the 96 participants busy and their cars buzzing from 11am to 4pm.

Teamwork was put to the test as participants engaged in fun games, which included throwing axes, playing mini-golf, spotting Volkswagen’s unique features and a memory test with Torque magazine covers. The participants also zipped around the island in search of the kacang puteh man, national flower, MRT signs and Singapore’s tallest building.

The top three teams of Torque On The Move 2019 were:

1st position: Team 55 – Norman Tang Junxian & Glenn Song Heng An
2nd position: Team 41 – Vernon Lee Wai Kiong & Lee Yee Ling
3rd position: Team 18 – Bernard Ng & Claire Lye

The victorious team drove away with over $6,000 worth of prizes, including $3,500 worth of petrol vouchers sponsored by Volkswagen, as well as timepieces, headphones, bags and other accessories. There were also prizes for the Best Dressed Car and $10,000 worth of lucky draw prizes.

Team 55’s Norman Tang, 28, said: “We didn’t expect to win! As for our secret to victory, well, we didn’t argue. We also managed to complete all except for one Bonus Challenge!”

Mr Christopher Tan, Consulting Editor of Torque and Senior Transport Correspondent at The Straits Times, said: “I’m glad to know that Singapore’s most authoritative motoring title continues to successfully engage its readers with events like these. I look forward to Torque On The Move 2020, which will coincide with the magazine’s 30th anniversary.”

Mr Jeremy Chua, Editor of Torque, said: “Torque On The Move 2019 is even more special because it is the tenth edition of our successful annual event. Once again, it brought our readers on a unique drive, during which they bonded together while overcoming numerous challenges. Over the years, many participants have consistently told us how much they enjoyed this experience. We are already planning the next edition of Singapore’s favourite automotive telematch, in celebration of Torque’s 30th anniversary.”

Ms Pang Lee Cheng, General Manager of SPH Magazines, said: “I am very pleased that Torque On The Move continues to resonate with our participants and business partners. This event has met with success since it began in 2010, and the 2019 edition is no exception. We’re already looking forward to an even more exciting Torque On The Move 2020.”

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