UFM100.3’s U1000 Music Countdown chart attracted thousands of voters

24 May 2022 

In a very tight race, WeiBird’s ‘Red Scarf’ —  the theme song of a movie released in 2021 titled ‘Till We Meet Again’ — emerged as this year’s top song for UFM100.3’s U1000 Music Countdown.

Coming in second on the music chart is Ren Ran's ‘Flying Bird and Cicada’, which was also among the top ten songs in last year’s list.

After more than two months of nomination and voting, the 10th edition of the U1000 Music Countdown culminated in an energetic countdown party on 6 May 2022 held simultaneously at The Ground Theatre at SCAPE, on the airwaves and UFM100.3 Facebook page.

UFM100.3 Deputy Program Director Xiaozhu revealed that in the voting stage, the vote count of ‘Red Scarf’ and ‘Flying Bird and Cicada’ were very close, ultimately culminating in ‘Red Scarf’ clinching the title of No.1 Song by less than 4%! However, when it came to the prediction stage, ‘Red Scarf’ held the highest number of predicted votes, indicating the song’s popularity.

The total number of votes for U1000 Music Countdown this year was higher than previous years, and the top ten songs accounted for 10% of the total votes. Xiaozhu anticipates that more new listeners will be attracted to UFM100.3 after listening to U1000 Music Countdown, which reflects and highlights the changing tastes of local listeners each year.

Listeners who correctly predicted the winning song stood a chance to win an $8,000 Australia self-driving tour package sponsored by Chan Brothers Travel, plus a $1,000 cash prize.

The first large-scale live event of the radio station after the pandemic

This year's countdown party is UFM100.3’s first large-scale outdoor event after the relaxation of preventive measures. With tickets for the countdown fully redeemed on the first day of registration, more than 300 spectators attended the countdown and sang the top 12 songs together with the UFM100.3 DJs.

Local singers Nat Wu and Soph T. along with well-known artiste Jaspers Lai also joined the event, adding to the party’s electric atmosphere.

Carine Ang, UFM100.3 Senior Program Director, revealed the meticulous planning for the 2022 U1000 Music Countdown. She said, "Our plan from the beginning was to make this a dual-track event where it is both physical and digital simultaneously, because we have been looking forward to the physical countdown. After all, this countdown belongs to the audience and we wanted our audience to have fun tuning in; be it in the physical event itself, tuning in on radio or watching the event via Facebook LIVE.

“Before the relaxation of the preventive measures, we were not sure what the situation would be. So we arranged two sets of live broadcasts and live events, which is quite nerve-racking. But we are very grateful to our partner IMC. Because of their professional cooperation, the 2022 U1000 Music Countdown was really wonderful and a big success."

The 2022 U1000 Music Countdown also marks the 10th installment of the countdown. Carine expressed that she hopes to continue to cheer for the good songs of the Chinese music scene with the audience at every event with the hope that one day U1000 Music Countdown can develop into a grand event; a music carnival where the top 10 singers can be invited to participate to sing live.

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