UFM 100.3 hands power to our listeners

From February to May, UFM 100.3 ran the U1000 campaign that invited listeners to nominate and vote for their favourite songs to be within the Top 1000 songs on UFM100.3’s regular playlist.

The objective of this campaign was to involve listeners and give them the sense of power to determine the songs that are played on UFM100.3. More than 3,000 songs were suggested and this was winnowed to a final 1,500 based on the nomination results. The top 1000 songs listeners voted for via the UFM100.3 online platform were then played on air.  Attractive prizes were given out to listeners who nominated, voted and guessed the chart rankings throughout the entire campaign.

The campaign was covered extensively on all available platforms such as on-air, online, on-print and on-ground. Coverage through all available platforms encouraged listeners to participate from the beginning right through to the end. Channels included mobile splash ads, website pages and banners, street activations, advertisements in the newspapers as well as numerous mentions on air. All these helped to create frequency and top of mind recall in listeners. With frequency and constatnt recall, it was able to reach out effectively to its listeners.

To improve interest, post event capsules were also broadcasted through all available channels to stir interest for the next instalment and to create anticipation for the next run.

The campaign was completed with a finale celebratory showcase of some of the top U1000 songs at Jurong Point’s Central Stage on April 30 with special performances by local singers - Serene Koong, Abigail Yao, Shanghai Dolly as well as UFM100.3 DJs.

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