UFM100.3 releases catchy Chinese New Year Song and MV for the year of the monkey

UFM100.3 has just launched their latest original Chinese New Year song 《什么都猴》,which means “All Things Good”, performed by UFM100.3 DJs.

The electronic-dance music arrangement of the song has an upbeat melody that is catchy yet simple for listeners to pick up and sing along to. This was inspired by recent hit songs in the Mandarin Music Industry such “Little Apple” by the Chopsticks Brothers and “Sister” by Taiwanese singer Jeannie Hsieh.

With UFM100.3 celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Hu Tianpei, UFM100.3 music producer and composer of the song, skilfully included the word “Huat” (which means “prosper”) 15 times in the song lyrics. The word monkey “猴” (which is a sound-play of the word “好” that stands for “good”), appeared on the lyrics 58 times, wishing listeners all things good this Chinese New Year.

Accompanying the launch of UFM100.3’s Chinese New Year song was the release of the song’s Music Video on UFM100.3 Facebook. The MV features UFM100.3 DJs dressed in pyjamas and flower headbands, singing and dancing to the song. Specifically for this video, UFM100.3 has specially invited a professional dancer to choreograph the dance steps for the chorus and also to perform in the music video.

Responses from viewers were very positive and encouraging, with listeners creatively using the word “猴” (sound play of the word (“好”) in their comments on the video.

The video production team behind the music video was no other than the same crew for UFM100.3’s hilarious video “I Dislike You” 《讨厌你》, which became a one-hit wonder on Facebook last month, clocking more than 1 million views over three days.  “I Dislike You” is a parody of Malaysian singer Joyce Chu’s song “I Miss U”, featuring UFM100.3 DJ Li Mei dressed in pyjamas, flip flops and a flower headband, all while strumming her ukulele and singing to lyrics that have also been rewritten by Tianpei.

This was also the reason behind UFM100.3 DJs dressing in pyjamas with a flower headband for their latest Chinese New Year song MV. This was a promise to fulfill, made by UFM100.3 previously to the press: Should the music video of “I Dislike You” clock more than 1 million views on Facebook, UFM100.3 DJs will dress in similar outfits resembling Li Mei in the parody video.

Appealing to the target audience of UFM100.3, the team has also released a set of videos on Zodiac Sign Predictions《猴祖生肖运势》on topics such as relationship, work and overall luck. The three videos feature UFM100.3 DJ Liang Quan as the “Monkey God” giving the predictions, while DJs Li Mei, Cheng Yao, Wei Long and producer Yan Zhi, dressed in various zodiac animals portrayed in the stories.

Listeners can log on to UFM100.3 Facebook (www.facebook.com/ufm1003) to catch these wacky videos.

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