Whip up a storm with SWW Domestic Diva Virtual Cook-off!

October 2020

As Singapore adjusts to the new normal, many of our readers have been cooking more than usual. Give your brand the boost it needs with SWW’s Domestic Diva Virtual Cook-Off to optimise your marketing reach and returns!

Through SWW’s online and social media platforms, be a part of our Domestic Diva Cook-off series and reach more than 4 million readers, and your brand will gain the traction it deserves by cultivating brand affinity with fellow foodie audiences.

Throughout this 5 week cooking challenge – from recruitment to online voting to the final announcement of the cook-off winner, the campaign will implement the activation of brand presence and product placement.

Entitlements include web posts, eDMs, social media postings as well as event planning and execution.

Speak to us today to find out more on how you can be part of this virtual cook-off!

SWW Domestic Diva Virtual Cook-off Sponsorship Package

SWW Domestic Diva Virtual Cook-off

SWW Website – womensweekly.com.sg
SWW Social Media Platforms – FB/ IG / eDMs

Starting from $10,000

Web posts
Social Media Posts

Packages stated valid until 31 December 2020

Fion Ng