Yayasan Mendaki Learning Festival 2017

Yayasan Mendaki promotes life long learning for everyone


  • To make learning fun and creative for the young and old, through the importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
  • To increase awareness amongst the general public on the importance of life long learning


  • SPH Integrated Marketing planned the exhibition layout at Our Tampines Hub. 5 distinctive robots were created to represent the 5 specific themes and used as the icon to demarcate each event sections
  • A video featuring the Intelligent Robot, STEAM was created as the launch mechanism for the Mendaki Learning Festival and it was unveiled by the GOH, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim at the opening ceremony
  • Print: Ads were featured in BH and TNP, with pre and post editorial support from BH. This informed the public of the event at Our Tampines Hub and what they can expect to participate in
  • Outdoor: Static posters and video on sponsored digital poster sites at Our Tampines Hub
  • Digital: Ads was featured on BH online and social media such as Facebook


  • Over 4,000 people attended the event and participated in the activities for both young and old
  • The event allowed Mendaki to reach out to the community to emphasise the importance of STEAM in a fun and engaging way